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Michael Mingoia
Michael Mingoia
Michael Mingoia


You’re My Girl
Lyrics and Music by Michael Mingoia

This one’s different
I could feel it in my bones
From my head to my toes

I could feel my heart racing
And she hasn’t done a thing
Just walked into the room

Somehow I know that I will tell this daily lie,
“I couldn’t love you more” but then-
The early sun will rise, revealing that I lied-
“I love you more…”

I don’t mean to sound possessive
Cuz it’s not about control
And I’ll give you all my heart, my every breath, my soaring soul

Wanna shout it from the rooftops
From every corner of the world
That, “I’m your man and
You’re my girl!”

You lit my world on fire
And I’m glad to watch it burn
Even if you don’t return

You redefined love for me
And I’m never doing back
Yeah I’m never going back

And we tried to resist it
Every day and every night
Yeah, we knew that it was wrong but us together felt so right.
From the peaks of Dhaulagiri
To the rivers down below
Yeah I want the world to know that
You’re my girl!

Somehow I know that I will tell this daily lie,
“I couldn’t love you more” but then-
The early sun will rise, revealing that I lied-
“I love you more…”

And it happened all so fast
Yet it’s moving way too slow
Girl, I’d shut it down for you and
I’d want EVERYONE to know

From the shores of Long Island
To the lots in Levittown
I am heading to you now cuz baby-
You’re My Girl!



Michael Mingoia


This song was written for the short film, "Actually, Love" by Danielle Sepulveres. It was adapted from her book, "Loosing It. The Semi-Scandalous Story of an Ex-Virgin." 

 I really enjoyed writing this song for the film. Having thoroughly enjoyed reading "Loosing It" I felt I had an understanding of the troubles the author went through. I went to work on creating a song that had a "cinematic" yet simple sound throughout the song.


Lyrically, I wanted to write from the point of view of someone who was sick and tired of being a victim. At times, we are all victims in some area of our lives. Some of us need to move on from heartache and for others it could be a new career move. Sometimes we are victims of our own surroundings and we need to just get out, if even for a little while. It's about moving forward and making a change, even if it's something we don't necessarily want, but know deep down we NEED to do. I wrote the line, "I'm not running away, I'm just running towards a better day" because others might see a big change in someone else's  life as a cowardly thing to do, when in reality they NEED this change to improve where they are. 

It is my hope that this song can lift the spirit of anyone who is in a rut and it is my belief that we all have the power to control our happiness and well being in life. 

Michael Mingoia
Michael Mingoia


For Valentine's Day 2013, I wrote and released, "Whirlwind of Your Love." I wanted to speak from the heart on how being in love is like being totally enveloped in a vortex of emotions. I compare being in love to the similarities of a whirlwind and a relationship. Both can be scary at times but at the center of both there is sanctuary. 

The 'magical bubble' of being in a relationship that is full of trust and love is always hard to find, but when you're in one, you'll know it and you don't want it to end. 

Michael Mingoia


My Favorite Everything was written over a period of a few years. It was about a relationship of mine that ended without explanation. It was an extreme relationship. We were passionately in love or passionately.....not.


This song is about reflection. After it ended, I was left questioning everything about her, myself, and 'us.' What went wrong? Why couldn't we work it out? Will we meet again? Based on these questions, and realizing others could relate, I knew I had a song on my hands and I had to put all of these emotions on paper and then to song.