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Michael Mingoia

Talking with Michael Mingoia

Posted on March 10, 2012 by Kayt Westerlund

Here is a love ballad straight from the heart of Michael Mingoia, a man of many trades and great passion for living. His romantic poetry and rhymed prose is accompanied by a contemporary rock sound which is an uncomplicated, focused idea about the “all encompassing feelings” towards a love that “got away.”

Michael’s arrangement, production and style show purpose and is meant to inspire. There are many layers to this song, each track recorded and layered so that we can hear the all encompassing rock ballad the way it was meant to be heard; with the heart. And while also understand this review is based on his single, we understand that the rest of the EP is an upbeat fast tempo, sure to get us dancing and rocking out with Michael.

While listening to this song “My Favorite Everything,” you may very well agree that Michael Mingoia encompasses a personal relationship through the world as we know it. He is fully grounded and expressive in his emotion through his music and in his life.

Here’s an interview with Michael Mingoia! Lucky me, lucky you! Uhm Girls, he’s taken by the way… sorry about that.

IMR: Hi Michael, Thank you so much for submitting your music to IMR. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know you over the last week, now let’s introduce you to IMR shall we?

MM: Hello and thank you so much IMR for this opportunity!

IMR: Please tell us how you got started in music? What led you to this point in your life?

MM: I was born into a musical family…and I’m not talking about just my immediate family, but my extended family as well. Almost every family member sings and/or plays an instrument.  My father and my uncles have always been in bands and still are. There are pictures of me at like 3 or 4 banging on pillows, pots, pans, whatever I could find, with a kazoo in my mouth.  At birthday party’s it’s not uncommon to see at least one Uncle with a guitar in hand, strumming the first chord, and getting everyone in tune to sing the first note of “Happy Birthday.”

I started writing songs at an early age by taking songs that were already made famous and re-writing the words to fit my world. When I was 16 years old my father and I wrote my first original song. From there, he showed me my way around the piano so that I can write on my own. Since, then I have written a whole bunch of songs.

My cousins and I formed a band when I was 16 and I co-wrote songs with them. Plateau was our name and we made an 11-song album called, “Tomorrow’s Yesterday” back in 2001.

As I got older, people told me to ‘get real’ and I lost faith in being a rock n roll star or even a singer songwriter. I became a blue collar worker, working construction and doing carpet cleaning, basically whatever I could do to make money. 3 years ago, I decided that it wasn’t too late and the burning desire to perform took over. I quit my job and threw myself into TV/Film industry and started writing songs again. I love the entertainment field, and although I don’t have any formal training in acting, I had some success in shows, movies, and independent projects.

Last year I decided to re-focus my energy on doing what I always wanted to do, and record an original album. So, that is what I am currently working towards, finishing my EP.

IMR: What instruments do you play?

MM: I play drums, piano, and I sing. I’m ok with bass and electric guitar. I’m teaching myself guitar now actually to be more versatile on stage.

IMR: ”My Favorite Everything” is a real heart breaker. Can you tell us the story behind it and how did you choose to release this song first?

MM: “My Favorite Everything” was written over a period of a few years. It was about one of my previous relationships that ended without explanation. It was an extreme relationship. Either we were passionately in love or passionately mad at each other. Our relationship ended without a real reason or explanation. So, the song is about reflection. I was left questioning everything about her and ‘us.’ What went wrong? Why aren’t we together anymore? Will we meet again? Based on these questions, and realizing others could relate, I wanted to release this song as a single first, because of the commercial potential it has.

IMR: Can you give us a teaser and tell us something about the next songs on this EP?

MM: The EP will have more upbeat tracks. The beginning track, “The Night Was Made for Me”, is a self-proclaimed song about never giving up and how the best of me is yet to come. It’s one of those positive songs that I also think a lot of people can relate to.

IMR: Clearly your music is from your soul, and most of us know that it takes a lot of work to produce anything. It’s not like this is all you have going on after all, what was the best part about starting this project?

MM: For me, the best part is always listening to the finished product and reflecting back on all the tracks that are imbedded into the entire song. The texture of any song is in the tracking and the layering of the instruments. Most people, who aren’t musicians, hear only the main melody, lyrics, and whatever the instruments are in the foreground. I love revealing these underlying tracks to someone who isn’t a musician. It’s a lot of fun for me. It’s like they re-discovered the whole song again.

IMR: What do your fans have to look forward to from you?

MM: Upbeat, danceable, and rocking tunes. I hope my songs don’t leave your brain haha!

IMR: I had a joke prepared.. it was about your 3 song EP however; I make it a point to never make fun of the size of any man’s EP.. ;)

MM: Well, just for that I plan on doubling the size of my EP. Lol!!!

Actually, since we last spoke I decided to add 2 more songs to the EP to really show some more of my songs to my fans. I want to make people sing, dance, and cry. I need more songs to accomplish this. So, as of right now, my EP will be a 5-song album and it will be released June 26th, 2012.

IMR: Wishing you the best Michael! Keep in touch with us! We want to hear the rest of this EP.

MM: Thank you so much!  This was fun. I hope we can reconnect soon.