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Michael Mingoia

Michael Mingoia

After growing up in the ever-diverse Long Island, New York suburbs, Michael attended several schools while playing in several bands to many different crowds. His influences include five decades of song and several generations of an unusually musically-inclined family. His history of fronting two bands after commanding the sound of his first band "Plateau" as drummer has helped him forge the confidence to take ownership of any genre he experiments with, whether it is soft, contemporary rock, hip-hop, or proto-punk. In any form, Mingoia is consistent, matching lyric with melody in songs as colorful as the people, places, and times he has been exposed to. His past success in pleasing the public ear has earned him permission to take the next step.

One will interpret his songs in their own way, yet anyone who truly listens will agree that, Michael Mingoia has an intimate familiarity with the world in which we live. Gritty and angry, at times; yearning or cautious in other moments, Michael has the ability to express each emotion in music which qualifies him to write for the next generation of recording artists.